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Subject:          FW: BCDD
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In keeping with El Presidente's (Carl) charge to post a repair process......
I wrote this procedure for the Boost Control Deceleration Device (BCDD) on the

The photos are being developed and I'll send in a few days.
Editorial license is cool with me.

IZCC 410

BCDD repair procedure - or how to fix the bloomin' thing.

Tools needed:
6mm allen wrench
6mm socket
10 mm socket
#2 phillips screw driver
flat blade screwdriver
gasket remover or a razor blade
needle nose pliers
regular pliers
gasket material
carb/FI cleaner
a small container to put parts in
A six pack of Beck's beer

Since I really did not want to try to remove just the BCDD from the bottom of
the throttle body, I elected to take off the whole unit (throttle body & BCDD)

1.  Remove the two screws hold the metal tubing connector at the top of the
    throttle body that are attached to the Cold Start valve hose.  No need to
    remove the Cold Start valve itself.
2.  Remove the emissions hose located immediately above the idle set screw
3.  Remove the lead from the throttle valve position switch.  There's a small
    retaining wire clip at the base.  Remove this and pull the electrical lead
    off the switch.
4.  Using the needle-nose pliers, position them against the throttle linkage
    connector and gently pry and remove the plastic (yellowish ball looking)
5.  Disconnect the black wire that is running from the BCDD solenoid.


6.  Loosen three metal clamps for the rubber air intake boots fore and aft of
    the Air Flow Meter (AFM).
7.  Remove the rubber boot between the AFM and throttle body
8.  Remove the AFM.

Caution:  Careful here.  At the underside of this thing is a fairly sensitive
and substantial electrical connection.  Remove this connection (similar to the
throttle valve switch) and place the AFM well outta harms way.

9.  Using the allen wrench remove the throttle body from the intake manifold.

    This is where I had to be creative and careful.  My allen wrench was forged
    with a 90 degree turn in the thing.  I used my Dremel with a cut off wheel
    and cut off the angle and then used a 6 mm socket and unscrewed the allen
    screws.  DO NOT remove the screws until you eye ball the configuration of
    the throttle linkage ball connector, the return spring for the throttle
    valve AND the return spring hold down.

10. When you get the screws almost all the way out remove them in the following
    order.  If you consider yourself directly in front of the throttle body,
    remove the screw at 10 o'clock, then remove the one at the 8 o'clock
    position, 4 o'clock position and lastly at the 2 o'clock position.
11. Pull off the throttle body AND the attached evil BCDD.
12. The base of the BCDD has 7 screws running the perimeter of the thing.
    Remove the screws one-at-a-time.

    THIS IS IMPORTANT.  The three screws that need to be completely removed are

    the length of the BCDD assembly.  If, in removing the screws you remove one
    that is short, just screw it back in and continue to the next screw.
    Remember, the three screws you need to remove run the length of the throttle


13. With the three screws removed, rap the side of the BCDD with a screw driver
    to get it off of the throttle body.
14. Remove the gasket.
15. Make a new gasket that blocks ALL holes except for the .45 cal bullet
    looking diaphram and the three holes for the screws to secure the BCDD to
    the throttle body.
16. I took this opportunity to clean the interior and exterior of the throttle
    body with the carb cleaner and a tooth brush.  However, since the throttle
    valve switch is still attached take caution not to get any fluid inside
    this unit.
17. Reattach the BCDD to the throttle body and then reinstall the assembled

Note:  Check the position of the throttle linkage ball connector.  Make sure it
is at least at an up angle of at least 45 degrees before reinstalling the
throttle body.

18.  Since the throttle return spring is kinda dangling, I reinstalled the allen
     screws in this order.  8 o'clock, 10 o'clock, 4 o'clock and finally 2
19.  Reinstall the AFM and then hook everything else up.
20.  My final step was to make the BCDD wire look as though it was connected.
     I just used electricians tape to block off the ends and then wrapped the
     wires together as if they were connected.