From:          "hitendra.d.patel" 
Date:          10 Apr 96 21:29:07 
Subject:       Re:  Oil Leak

A rear main seal is relatively easy to change:

Tools needed:

- torque wrench
- metric wrenches/sockets as needed
- breaker bar
- seal puller (alternatively, any hook shaped device can work)
+ I use a PVC pipe fitting of the same circumference as the seal for tapping it 
back into the block

1) Pull out the tranny

2a) Pull off the clutch & flywheel (remember to torque these to the right specs 
when putting the flywheel and clutch back on).

2b) You may want to replace the following during this process:
 - pilot bushing (should)
 - throw bearing (optional)
 - clutch/pressure plate (if needed)

3) Remove the backing plate behind the flywheel.

4) The seal is located at the end of the crank (behind the now removed 
flywheel).  Pull the seal out of the block using the seal puller.  It will come 
out very easily.  Note which side faced outwards.

5) Grease the inside of the new seal, making sure that the correct side faces 
the block.  Tap the new seal in very gently, and evenly.  I use my makeshift 
tool for this application.

6) Reassemble the flywheel and clutch assemblies, carefully torqueing all bolts 
to spec.  I sometimes use the blue Loctite (allows hand-tool disassembly) on 
the flywheel bolts... you do NOT want these to work loose and come off!!!!

This repair is relatively easy; it does require time and patience to do it