Date sent:                 Fri, 1 Sep 1995 09:32:55 CDT
Subject:                Removing ZX-L6 Manifolds

>   I just bought a 1983 280zx today that has a leak at the exhaust manifold.
>How hard is it to take the manifold off to replace the gasket? My Haynes
>manual says that you can get at it from underneath, or by taking off the
>Ron Smith
           The gasket is a combined inlet,exhaust type. 
  The whole lot has to come off and there is one very arkward bolt towards
 the front that has to be accessed from underneath .(You may have to 
try different brands and types of sockets for this one) There may be a 
small heat shield that comes off from underneath first.   Also get a  
mirror to put down the side of the intake manifold so you can see all 
the hold down bolts. There is also an access plate on top of the inlet 
manifold in about the center. There is a bolt under this plate. You 
should be able to leave the EFI gear in place,just disconnect the ends 
of the fuel hoses or you could remove the complete assembly by undoing 
the injector clamps.  Have fun.
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