DATSUN 240Z-260Z-280Z US Paint Code Gallery

Contributed By: Michael Perdue

last updated 16 March 2010

This page is primarily for people like me who want to repaint their car an "original" color and would like to see how they actually look on a real Z. I've started to double up on some of the colors (where available). I'm hoping that with multiple examples the differences in lighting and other camera effects will "average out" to give a better idea of how it should really look. Also I've now added some scans of PPG paint chips for comparison to the photos. Cool huh? Oh by the way please feel free to send me any corrections if something looks wrong, or send me digital images of any of the missing colors!
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905 Red

110 Red

918 Orange

920 Gold

919 Yellow

112 Yellow

113 Green Metallic

907 Dark Green

903 Dark Blue

115 Blue Metallic

114 Brown Metallic

901 Silver

904 White


110 Red

214 Dark Brown

216 White

240 Green Metallic

301 Brown Metallic

302 Green Leaf Metallic

303 Green Metallic

304 Gold Metallic

305 Light Blue Metallic

306 Silver Metallic

307 Blue Metallic

362 Dark Purple Metallic

411 Yellow (SE '77)

517 Beige Metallic

611 Wine Red Metallic

638 Black Metallic (SE '78)

901 Silver Metallic

904 White

510 Blue