IZCC Club Organization & Operation


What Drives Our Organizational Structure?: The IZCC is a "virtual" club. That is, it exists in the cyber space of the Internet. None the less, there is a need for some form of organization, through which our Vision and Mission Statements can be carried out.

Our members wish to concentrate their time and efforts on the activities of "information exchange" and "discussion" related to the Z Car. More specifically stated, they want to enjoy the company of other Z Car People, the activities that surround the Z Car - and not waste time on trying to run a Club, direct a Club, organize a Club or play the typical political games all to often found in Local Clubs... in effect, they want the Good without the Bad. (not to often that happens)...

Therefore, we avoid, to the extent possible, any prolonged or extensive "Club Business Meetings", "Club Politics" and for that matter, most usual "Club Activities" that are found in the Physical World of Local Car Clubs.

Indeed we maintain a "Free and Open Membership" policy and refuse to collect cash dues, rather we depend on membership contributions for any necessary cash expenses when and if we have any!. Our membership dues are measured in terms of information assets and volunteer time.

IZCC Officers and Board Members: We have only a couple of "appointed" positions.
Club President - who in turn appoints:
The Z Car Home Page - Web Master
Z Car List - Administrator
A Membership Chairman

As these four positions serve or support critical aspects of the Club and it's services, and are time dependent, they are appointed by the active President from among a group of volunteers.

This volunteer group is formed from among the IZCC Membership, at the request of the Current President. Appointments are made by him - and the service to the organization changes hands.

Yes, we considered the more Democratic process of holding elections - but that always leads to Club Politics - and someone feeling like they "run" or "lead" the club. Not to mention the logistics of holding elections from among a 11,000+ membership roster..... this idea was quickly rejected. Our structure of "Volunteer Service" has served us well since our beginning in 1987.

It is important to note that none of these positions "Run" the Club. They are all Volunteer Service Positions. Their direction and policy taken from the defined Vision and Mission Statements written by a large group of IZCC Members years ago. If there is ever believed to be any need to change this structure or the IZCC Vision and Mission Statements - it is only in the hands and good judgment of the actively serving President.

It's a legal world today.. and today the IZCC is in fact a Corporation, for the protection of the people that serve the organization. The Internet Z Car Club Inc., is Incorporated in the Great State of Florida, the corporation is wholly owned by: Carl Beck, and operated with a Community Service intention for no profit. (indeed no income;-).

The Z Car Home Page and the Z Car List, are wholly owned and operated by the Internet Z Car Club Inc. - all rights are reserved.

The Current IZCC Appointed Officers
IZCC President: Carl Beck
IZCC Z Car List: List Administrator Bill Greganti
IZCC Web Master: Jeff Hill
IZCC Membership Chairman: Tony Fruzza

Carl J. Beck, President
Internet Z Car Club
2190 Nottingham Drive
Clearwater,FL 34624