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 Date: Tue, 11 Aug 92 19:08 EDT
 Sender: postmaster@Dixie.COM
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 Subject:  Internet Z-Car Club proposal

  As some of you may know and something I learned at the Convention, there is no
  National Z-car club in the US.  The Z-car club of America was not
  a whole lot more than a front for ZAP.  Both are gone now.  We worked hard
  at the convention to set up an organization but I'm not sure how successful
  we were.
  Another thing came to light.  There are not many regional clubs in existence.
  The Texas club, probably one of the largest in the US, knows of about 24.
  A couple of more representatives of clubs showed up at the convention.
  None of the clubs has many members.  The texas club has perhaps 300.
  The Texas club puts out a monthly newsletter of about 20 pages.
  Membership in a club offers a couple of very large benefits.  Sharing
  information and fellowship is one.  Probably the largest is that many
  Z speciality companies and Z dealerships offer significant discounts
  to club members, sometimes as much as 30%.  The ads I've seen usually
  say that proof of membership is required.
  "John", I sez to myself, "There is an opportunity staring you in the eyes."
  Our list is floating along at about 200 members, down considerably because
  of the summer break.  That makes us one of the larger "clubs" in existance.
  We're surely the largest geographically, considering we have members from
  all continents except maybe China and South America.  WE also move a lot
  more information each month than any paper newsletter could.
  I've decided to formalize things.  By my command :-), the Internet
  Z-car Club now exists.  (Other name suggestions are welcome.)  It even
  has its own Internet address,  The club is hosted by
  my magazine _Performance Engineering Magazine (TM)_ which gives it
  a fixed contact point and address.  Membership is free.  To join, simply
  send mail to  Include the following:
  Mailing address
  City, State, Zip
  Email address (no I won't pull it from the headers.  Bounce-city)
  List of Z's owned
  Whether you want your name and address on the public roster.
  Whether you want your phone number on the public roster.
  The public roster will be provided to any vendor or other entity who
  asks for it and who signs my privacy contract.  This contract says
  that the list will be used ONLY for the purpose of soliciting business
  for that company, that no one who has declined the priviledge
  will be contacted by phone and no information from the list will be
  disclosed to others.  The list will most frequently be used to send
  out free catalogs (big benefit.)
  You will receive an acknowledgement and a membership number.  You will
  also receive a free sample of my magazine when they're ready (slick,
  eh?)  Please be sure to include your membership number correspondence
  regarding the club, in any correspondence with vendors and in
  your .sig line :-)
  For $3 (my cost including postage), you may order a full color laminated
  membership card.  This card is good indefinitely and replacements can
  be ordered at the same price.  To order, send payment to the address
  given below.
  If you deal with a vendor who does not offer Z clubbers discounts,
  you may send me the company name, a contact name, the address and phone number
  and I'll contact them to attempt to negotiate discount terms.  I will
  periodically distribute a list of companies that give discounts.  Or you
  can have the vendor contact me directly.
  Clubs not electronically connected may affiliate with the Internet
  Z-Car Club by simply electronically sending  the above listed
  information on each member to me (email or disk-in-snail-mail, comma or
  space delimited.) at the address below.  A list containing each member
  and his/her membership number will be returned via the same method as
  received.  The benefit to doing this is the larger we are, the better
  the discounts and other goodies we'll get from vendors.
  The contact info is:
  The Internet Z-Car Club   c/o
  Performance Engineering Magazine (TM)
  PO Box 669728
  1631 Whitlock Road  (no mail here, please)
  Marietta, GA 30066
  (404) 578 9547  (noon til 9:00pm EST)
  (404) 578 9725  (FAX)
  Note that nothing regarding this list has changed.  There will be no
  traffic on the list other than acknowledgements and
  the periodic posting of companies offering discounts.  All Z-car discussion
  should continue to be sent to this list.  Comments regarding the club
  CAN be sent to
  My angle on this is, of course, that I get added publicity and names to
  send sample issues to.  Your angle is you get something for practically
  nothing.  What could be better?
  PS:  Any graphic artists out there?  I'm working on logo for the club
  but since I'm certainly not an artist, I could use some help.
  Mail to
  PPS:  The membership cards will not be printed until I get a significant
  number of members.  Full color printing is expensive so I want to make
  sure of the interest.
  John De Armond, WD4OQC               |Interested in high performance mobility?
  Performance Engineering Magazine(TM) |
  Marietta, Ga                         |Interested in high tech and computers?                        |Write me about PE Magazine
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  From: z-car@Dixie.COM
  Date: Wed, 19 Aug 92 03:05 EDT
  Sender: postmaster@Dixie.COM
  Reply-To: z-car@Dixie.COM
  Subject:  Z-car club
  I've not had time to process the responses I've received to my proposal
  last week to set up an Internet Z-car club.  So far I've received about
  25 applications which is very much less than I expected.  Probably
  not worth the effort to do much with it at this point.  I was going
  to write a script to automatically assign numbers but I'll just do it
  by hand as time permits.  Certainly not worth the effort to have membership
  cards printed.
  So why is no one interested in something for free?  I thought a discount
  on Z parts would be something everyone would be interested in.

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