From: Paul Richer on Sat, Mar 9, 1996 6:31 PM
Subject:  Important IZCC Announcement [PLEASE READ]

Hi Fellow IZCC'ers...

First some backgroung on the IZCC.  The IZCC was founded by John De Armond with
the intention of giving us some way to take advantage of vendor or supplier
discounts that were offered to Z Club Members in the "physical world".
Something that our "virtual club" did not have at the time.

When John left he turned the administration of the mailing list as well as the
IZCC Membership List over to Stef and, since Stef was swamped with his
efforts in adminstering the mailing list, I offered to help him out by
overseeing the IZCC.
Since then, I have acted as defacto "President/Sec./Membership Chair..etc.
Early on, I contacted Z-Car suppliers, told them about our "Club"
(which, at the time numbered around 60!), talked to them about the benefits of
them getting involved with the IZCC and the mailing list, and told them that
this thing was gonna grow!  (I got that part right :-)  Anyway, a number of
supported our club and did extend discounts and support to our members.

As the IZCC has grown, and the "virtual world" of the Internet has come into
much broader based and more common use, we have reached a point where there is
a need to have someone act as a Focal Point and Spokesman for the group.  There
are times when we just need someone to point the finger at:-), and say "go talk
to him".

So today, in the tradition that John set when he left - I am pointing the
finger at Carl Beck, and asking Carl to serve as that focal point for the IZCC
for the remainder of this year.  With my present duties as President of the
Z-Car Club of Washington, I just no longer have the time to devote to both

Carl has agreed to help "formalize" our virtual club to some extent, where
necessary, while maintaining the free and open spirit that we all enjoy.(no
dues, no business meetings, no hassles...just fellow Z Car lovers meeting in
the virtual space of the internet to exchange information and encouragement).

Carl will be outlining a brief Charter for the IZCC, a Vision/Mission Statement
for the club, and establishing a process for the selection/election of Officers
in the future, and publishing them for your review and comment.  Our intent is
to balance the relationships which exist between the IZCC, the Z Car Home Page,
and the z-car-list and establish better linkage between and support for them.

Please give Carl the same great support that you have all given me.  He will be
outlining his plans to us all in a later post.


     Paul Richer
     Z-Car Club of Washington
     IZZC #64
     '71 240Z <= 377 Chevy  '72 240Z  '73 240Z

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