Z car pictures Album 9

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    These are all from the Z Club of Texas Annual Car Show in conjunction with the Courtesy Nissan of Richardson tent sale on May 7, 1984

  1. Z-cars on display with Ken Foster's very yellow '71 240Z show car -Sundance- in the foreground

  2. More z cars on display, with Craig Matthews '81 280ZX convertible in the foreground. Compare this convertible conversion to the red 280ZX directly behind.

  3. One of their newest members' 1993 300ZX TT with Stillen Motorsport upgrade from Steve Millin Racing.

  4. More show cars...240Z, 260Zs...

  5. David Houses's original '70 240Z in the foreground -one of the very first Z cars in Dallas. The serial number is in the low 2000's....

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