The MacPherson Strut

Aircraft type landing gear - aka "struts" - were redesigned and applied to automotive use by an Engineer working for Ford of England in the early 50's - Mr. Earl F. MacPherson.

In that sense of the term - an Automotive "MacPherson Strut" or "strut" is actually comprised of a shock absorber with a coil spring mounted above it. The "strut" is attached to the auto structure at the top of the coil spring and the wheel hub is attached at the bottom. The bottom of the assembly is located by a lateral link and anti-roll bar (TR-7) - or by a lower Transverse Link and Tension Compression Rod (Z Car).

Shown Below: The MacPherson Strut as used on the 240-Z. This diagram is intended to show only the major components of the MacPherson Strut

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