Hooking Up The Tack In A 240Z To An MSD 6 or 7 Series System

Contributed By: Keith A. Thomas, IZCC #5622

Below is a wiring diagram that shows you how to use a Chrysler Dual Balliast Resistor, to hook up the standard tach in a 240Z.
Contributed: 10 Nov. 99 - As of 28 March 02

The note on the bottom of the diagram above say's:
If you have an MSD 6 or 7 Series Ingition and your tachometer was originally wired between the ignition switch and the factory baliast resistor, you should follow this wiring diagram. Connect the wires to the proper terminals of the Chrysler Dual Ballast Resistor as shown in the diagram. Use the half hole on the end of the Chrysler Resistor as a reference.