Pictures of the RB Series Engines

Contributed By: Steve Chong, IZCC #2434

The Purpose of this page is to give you a visual inage of the RB Series Engines as they look installed in the different model cars that Nissan produced.

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The RB 20 DE engine in a 1990 Right Hand Drive R32 Skyline.
RB20DE - Front

The large round object on the front plastic cover on the front of the engine is the Crank Angle Sensor, which supplies ignition timing pulses to the engine management system.

RB20DE - Left

RB20DE Right

The RB 25 DE engine in a 1991 Right Hand Drive R32 Skyline.
RB25 Front, Left & Right:

Visually similar to the RB 20 DE engine, with almost no obvious differences. The car build plate, located on the right hand side of the fire wall, by the brake booster in RHD cars, will have the engine identification.

If the engine is not in the car, the only reliable way of determining whether the engine is the 2.5 liter is to check the engine type which is stamped on the block at the left rear of the engine- see the RB20 HKS picture below.

The RB 20 DET engine in a 1990 Right Hand Drive R32 Skyline.
RB20DET Front, Left & Right:

Easily identified by the "RB 20" indication on the plastic timing belt cover. Early RB 20 DET engines (not shown) as found in the R31 Skyline are142Kw (190 HP), and can be identified by their red colored camshaft cover which is also ribbed. The inlet manifold has the letters "NICS" instead of "ECCS", and the inlet pipes for cylinders 3 & 4 are not siamesed.

In the Skyline, the intercooler is located on the left hand side of the car, below the front bumper.

Note: Japanese sourced engine computers will have built in electronic speed control to limit vehicle speed to 180Km/hr (112 mph), if the speed sensor input is used. The speed limit is set by a value in ROM.

RB 20 HKS:
A HKS modified RB20 DET engine. HKS claim 405 HP @ 7,200 rpm.
Note the location of the turbocharger. The smaller exhaust pipe is for wastegate gases.

The RB 26 DETT engine in a 1991 Right Hand Drive R32 Skyline.

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Obvious by the "RB26" label in the front timing cover. Normally a grey color like the RB 20 & RB 25 engines, this engine has been painted and modified.

The intercooler is much larger, and is mounted in the front centre of the car.